I never knew what to do with my life. Everything tickled my curiosity, sciences, art, literature, nature, dreaming … as long as it was not in excess, not competitive, and it would change a lot. It is my burden and my strength at the same time, my tragic matrix: the thirst for constant change and new challenges.

I was never convinced by the university, too long, to specialised. But as a good girl, in order to please my surroundings, I enrolled into natural sciences, mineralogy-geology. Convinced that I was at least partially loosing my time, I choose upfront to study in German (University of Bern) and in Spanish (Universtitat de Catalunya), so it was worth it to my eyes…A posteriori these years as a geologist anchored me to the Earth, and to my roots.

I am one of these Walliser that wanted to know what lies beyond the mountains. I have accepted the first job that would allow me to travel. Banking offered me that opportunity. I got acquainted with a very masculine microcosm, a world of warriors and a lot of excitement. I spent 8 years in this sub-terraneous world, experienced 3 different financial institutions, and studied development finance in London (University of London)…more out of boredom than out of passion…

Making money, as convenient as it can be, never interested me. I got lucky again and started a new career in development. I moved to Africa for 6 years, and discovered a fascinating microcosm, mixing reason and passion, colourfulness and darkness, shadows and light, and the same dominance of intrigues and manipulation. It is at that time that I bumped into kinesiology, through my kids, our mirrors, my resonance. The many incoherencies of the development business ended my golden retreat in the south and, pushed again by my lust for change and new challenges, I ended up in Brussels this time, within the microcosm of financial lobbying, representing the interests of civil society against the ever-growing power of the banking lobby. I was on the side of the good ones this time…so I thought. In addition to the incoherencies and lies of the business of development, I experienced the cunning power of the European institutions, cheating mirror of what was sold to the European citizen as democracy, but without the charm or the exotism of before. Tired of this ex-patriate, de-rooted life I finally gave up in 2014 to root myself back in Valais, near Martigny. Kinesiology was part of my life since the birth of my son in Tunisia. If, thanks to my kids, I questioned all along my worldview, over and over, and my positions in the world, kinesiology allowed me to pose more conscious choices and thus facilitated all the changes I undertook in my life. I cured my need for new challenges and constant changes, chose to be anchored in the now and to experience it as it comes. My practice of kinesiology as taught by the school Corps Mémoire aims at offering exactly this same opportunity to anyone who wishes to take a chance at it, to experience it his/her unique way.