Unless there is a real physical trauma, dyslexia results from the act of refusing to learn in a specific domain of a specific apprentiship in life. This refusal is a reaction to a fear, fear of pain and fear of more pain. It is a conscious choice made in an extremely stressful moment in time. Following that choice, the individual reduces their ability to learn in that specific area. It is a neurologic reaction, a physiologic reaction for survival of the whole organism faced with a stress it cannot manage on the spot. It is not a “dysfunction ».

Most of the people diagnosed with dyslexia do not care much to identify “what is wrong with me”. They know that “I don’t read very well, so I don’t read much”. However, not acknowledging an issue is making a choice, and this choice induces a pattern of refusal of all learning issues. We all suffer from dyslexia at one point during our educational experience, independently of how brilliantly we read, reason, write or count. At one point during our education we have all faced unmanageable emotional stress and we have then made the conscious choice to become blind to it, driven by the fear of pain, and of more pain. From that moment onwards we have refused the opportunity to ever manage this specific learning experience. This choice condemns us for ever to dissimulate every day from others our inability in that domain. Fear again. We fear that others could notice that we are not as great as we seem. This pattern of refusal to learn was put in place so long ago, and so instinctively, that most of us do not recollect choosing it ever. Without knowing why and when we made that survival choice, we feel hopeless to change the effects of these causal events that affect us continuously in the present.


L’Apprentissage Pleine Forme® allows us to awaken the neurones of our memory that were active at the time of the extreme stressful event and to “defuse” or deactivate the negative emotional charge associated with the past event that is still active today. It is a soft method, based on a set of specific movements, that aim at recovering the integration of the two cerebral hemispheres. Integrated cerebral hemispheres means that the individual recovers their wholeness and can function harmoniously as a physical, emotional and mental entity.

« Our beliefs are survival mechanisms and they always win the battle over reason. They always rest on fear of pain, and fear of more pain. We can go back in time to teach the nervous connections new believes free of fear.”