The A.P.F Concept therapist adopts the following guidelines:

  1. Practice with respect, regardless of the client’s condition, age or convictions.
  2. Listen, remain neutral.
  3. Has undertaken self-development therapy that allows her to maintain a transferal distance to the client.
  4. Uses the kinesiology test (muscle tone test) as an indicator that allows the client to develop their potentialities, in order to make conscious choices.
  5. Respects professional confidentiality, unless required otherwise by law.
  6. Is vigilant, lucid, and respects their own limitations in their practice.
  7. Respects colleagues and fellow therapists, abstains from any comments and/or attitudes that could be disrespectful towards them.
  8. Maintains courteous and respectful relations with other paramedical and medical professions
  9. Does not provide medical diagnostic, does not prescribe any drugs, does not treat any established disease.
  10. Neither interferes with nor suggests a client to interrupt a medical treatment.


The A.P.F. Concept practitioner is a professional who has received a practical and theoretical training that accords with the criteria of the school. They undertake to respect and apply the code of ethics of the school and to continually update their skills.